Just as a strong foundation is critical to the strength of a building, so is the foundation upon which a marriage is built. The Mazel Tov Stone® commemorates a couple’s union and is a symbol of that solid foundation.


The Mazel Tov Stone® is made of limestone from the same quarries that produced the stones found in the ancient Temples of Jerusalem, symbolizing stability and permanence. The stone is custom-engraved with the names of the bride and groom, along with their wedding date, and is used as a solid surface upon which the groom can perform the Jewish wedding tradition of breaking the wine glass. It is especially useful in a wedding held outside on soft grass or a sandy beach, yet equally useful on interior surfaces.


Aside from its practical use, the Mazel Tov Stone® also creates a new wedding tradition by allowing couples to start their marriage on a piece of Israel, direct from the Holy Land. After the ceremony, the beautifully engraved Mazel Tov Stone® can be displayed as an “etched in stone” artistic and unique commemoration of their marriage celebration; a literal stepping-stone into their future.


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