There are many different explanations for the tradition of breaking a wine glass at the conclusion of a Jewish wedding ceremony. One is that it reminds us of the destruction of the ancient Temples in Jerusalem. Another is that, even at a joyous occasion, we need to be reminded of the fragility of our lives. Some even joke that it is the last time that the groom gets to put his foot down! Whatever the reason, when the glass is broken, everyone in attendance cheers "Mazel Tov!"


Recently, some couples have resorted to using a light bulb rather than a wine glass to ensure that the glass breaks, especially if their ceremony is on soft grass or a sandy beach. We at Mazel Tov Stone® provide a better option to protect and enhance this popular and meaningful wedding tradition.


The Mazel Tov Stone® is a practical way to perform this age-old wedding tradition; symbolizing the rock solid foundation of your marriage in an attractive and meaningful way with a personalized, custom-engraved Jerusalem Gold limestone keepsake quarried from the Holy Land.