Like most good products, the Mazel Tov Stone® was created out of necessity. My husband Robb and I were at my cousin’s wedding rehearsal when we overheard the bride expressing concern that it might be difficult to break the wine glass on the soft, grassy surface at their outdoor ceremony. The wedding planner suggested they use a light bulb instead of a wine glass to be sure the glass broke. I cringed. The act of stepping on a wine glass in the Jewish wedding ceremony is an honored tradition – using a light bulb seemed sacrilegious!

The wedding planner’s suggestion, however, did set off a light bulb in my head. Robb has been in the stone industry for years and never travels anywhere without his stone samples. To help calm the bride, he went to our car and got a sample of Jerusalem Gold limestone that was just the right size to place under the wine glass to be broken. It was perfect! We were able to provide my cousin with a solid surface upon which he could be sure the wine glass would break. During the ceremony, the significance of what we had done hit me. We had solved their glass-breaking dilemma and come up with a way for them to begin their marriage on a piece of Israel. We engraved the stone with their names and wedding date, giving them a meaningful, attractive keepsake and creating a new tradition for brides and grooms everywhere.

With the Mazel Tov Stone®, you, too, can be sure the wine glass breaks safely and your marriage begins with a piece of custom-engraved limestone from the Holy Land, wherever your vows are taken.

Mazel Tov!